Today, people of our generation are the first to recognize the heir to a multibillion empire but would cringe when asked to identify a person of real purpose – someone who did his or her own bit to make the world a better place.

My effort is directed at applauding these people. Young people who have worked tirelessly for a cause – who have fought innumerable odds – to achieve, to grow and often, simply to survive. These remarkable individuals have exhibited the virtues of Deliberate Leadership in their everyday lives, incorporating values like courage, candour and compassion in their daily dealings. Through this attempt, I hope to acknowledge a few extraordinary youngsters who have braved society, friends and even family to stand up for what they believe in. These are colleagues and friends who you and I meet everyday. Their courage inspires us, and we wonder why no one has ever acknowledged them. Well, now we will acknowledge them.

It is important for humankind to realize that courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it is in gritting your teeth through pain, in resisting pressure. Sometimes, it is in the slow walk towards achieving a better life.“100 Hidden Heroes Hunt” – is an initiative that seeks to unearth hundred everyday trailblazers. A journey that hopes to inspire, overwhelm and, in its very own way, reward.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ashita!!! This is brilliant! Really. It’s a great initiative and it’s so heartening to see actual heroes being acknowledged and recognized. You’re bringing smiles to so many faces. You’ve always been such an amazing human being and this will make so much of a difference. I’m sure this initiative will go very well. All the best ashu!!! 🙂


  2. Not only are your thoughts and intent commendable, but this is also the beginning to what I can see will be an absolutely sterling space to watch.

    Some words of caution: go slow, go steady, and listen to their stories with your heart…don’t just hear. Go back again if need be, and then write with feeling, how you felt when you were there. Don’t worry too much about what people might say, how someone might respond – all of these things don’t matter. This is YOUR blog.

    “Hidden heroes”, I’m sure will not only inspire others but also Ashita (and perhaps more importantly) – have a profound effect on you. You will see this change for yourself.

    Sensitivity, empathy, the ability to listen – not at of us possess these qualities, but those such as you who do – make this world a better place.

    All the best.


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